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Foreclosed Homes

Home foreclosures are quite common these days. These homes can often be purchased at bargain rates from banks only intending to recover a portion of their loss. These properties often carry a greater level of risk for buyers. When a normal homeowner sells his or her home the owner must fill out a legal document stating their knowledge of any defects and problems that exist in the home. Foreclosure properties are generally sold "as is" because they lack this important document. In these cases it is especially important for a home buyer to obtain a home inspection. Quite frequently the people who have their homes foreclosed are the same people who neglect home maintenance. These people will on occasion try to perform their own home repairs without the proper equipment or knowledge. As a home inspector I come across these properties frequently. In my experience foreclosed homes are generally either a gold mine or a financial disaster. There are very few home in between. If you want to hire me to inspect a foreclosed home all of the utilities should be turned on prior to the inspection. You can accomplish this through the help of your real estate agent and local utility companies. Most utility companies charge connection fees. In many cases these fees will be paid by the banks trying to sell the properties. I can perform a home inspection without the utilities turned on, but my inspection of the plumbing, heating and wiring will be limited to only what I can inspect visually without operating these components.

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